Frequently Asked Questions

What is Part Time Clicks?

What is Part Time Clicks?
Part Time Clicks is a website that distributes tasks that you can do from your mobile phone, device or home PC.

The majority of tasks consist of searching and clicking on Google, Yahoo, or Bing and providing proof that you completed the task. Search+click tasks usually take less than 60 seconds to complete and pay between .20 - .40 each.

Other tasks include posting reviews and other random tasks as needed. These tasks pay $1-$2 each but are far less frequent.

Most people earn $5-$15 per month. We make payment every Friday.

By signing up, you agree to our Terms Of Service.

Signing Up

How do I get started?
You can sign up here. If you've already signed up, tasks will be shown at

I never received a verification email.
If you never got a verification email, one of the these things is the problem and here's how to fix each one.
  1. You never clicked the button to verify your email -- make sure to click it
  2. The verification email is in your spam or promotions folder -- be sure to check both. Especially if you have GMAIL, it might be in your promotions folder
  3. It hasn't arrived yet -- allow up to 20 minutes to receive the verification email
  4. You entered your email incorrectly -- If you're still signed in, change it on your account page and try the verification again. If you're not signed in, send us an email at and explain the problem - be sure to include both the wrong email address and the one you'd like to change it to.

I've signed up, when will I begin to receive work?
If there's no work available right now, it's probably because we've met our quotas for the month. Check back on the 1st. We will email you a reminder. Be sure to add to your safe senders so you receive our email.

How many accounts can I have?
You can only have one account.

Can my spouse/family member sign up as well?
Yes, but they must be at a different location. We only allow 1 signup per household.

Can I work anytime from anywhere?
Yes, you work when it is convenient for you. You can work from home or your favorite coffee shop, or anywhere else that has Wifi/internet.

What is this work about?
It is marketing research for our clients. Here's an example: Example Of A Task

Error Messages

"Thank you for signing up. There is no work available at this time. We will email you when we have work available."
If there's no work available right now, it's probably because we've met our quotas for the month. Check back on the 1st. We will email you a reminder. Be sure to add to your safe senders so you receive our email.

"It looks like you are on a VPN connection (IP address). Please deactivate your VPN to complete this task."
Disable your VPN or try a different Wi-Fi connection. Some IP addresses are not compatible with our system.

"500 error"
This error appears when we are making improvements, it should clear up within 1 hour. If it doesn't, please notify us at


We make payments once per week, usually on Friday before 5pm EST. There are no minimum payouts, so if you do any work in a week, you will get paid. Your payment reflects all work completed through the prior Sunday. So, payments are delayed by 5 days after they are completed.

How Much Can I Make?
You can earn about $5-$15 per month. The exact amount can vary based on the AMOUNT OF WORK we have available and THE NUMBER OF PEOPLE WHO ARE ACTIVELY WORKING. We want to help you earn as much as you can, but please understand this is a supply & demand business: When there are fewer people signed up and more work available, you will get more tasks. When we have a surplus of people signed up and less work available, you will receive fewer tasks. Maximize earning potential by completing tasks as they come and by signing up for reviews.

How can I see how much I've earned?
You can see how much you've earned since the last pay period on your account dashboard page.

What do individual tasks pay?
The pay for different tasks is commensurate to the amount of time the task takes. Tasks range in pay from .20 (USD) or more depending on the task itself.

Can I change my PayPal address?
Yes, you can change it on your account page.


What are referrals? How much do they pay?
Our referral program pays you $1 for each person you refer and who completes 5 tasks. When the referral program is on, all you have to do is share/promote your link with others. The system tracks all of the people who signed up through your referral link.

Where is my referral link?
Your personal referral link will appear on your account page. If you see Referrals (on hold) that's because the referral program is temporarily on hold. We will turn it on when we need more people.

I referred a lot of people. Why are they not listed?
Your referral must complete at least 5 tasks before you can receive credit.

How can I promote my referral link?
Some easy ways to promote/share your referral link include:
1) Share it on your Facebook or Twitter page with your own testimonial. i.e. "Hey, I'm making a little extra money on the side using this website. You get paid every Friday." Then include your referral link.
2) Email your referral link to your friends, family, and contacts
3) Text your referral link to your friends, family, and contacts
4) Share your referral link in any forums or online work from home groups you belong to
Can I post my referral link outside the US?
No. These tasks are for US residents only.

Text Alerts (I'm not receiving text alerts.)

I'm not receiving text alerts.
If you're not receiving text alerts, it's because of one of the following items, please check them all.
  1. Text alerts are not on: Go to your account page and make sure to toggle "Text me when I have a new task" to on (green).
  2. You haven't completed your most recent task: Go to Part Time Clicks, login and complete your task. This will re-activate your text alerts.
  3. We are out of work: Sometimes we run out of work toward the end of the month. You can confirm this by logging in and if you see the message "Thank you for signing up. There is no work available at this time. We will email you when we have work available.", we are out of work for the month. Your text alerts will automatically restart on the first of the month. We will also email you. Be sure to add to your email safe senders list so you receive our email.
  4. You replied "Stop" to one of the text alerts we sent you. Find that text and reply "START" to re-start the reminders.

I want to start/stop getting text alerts. Where can I do that?
You can change your alert preferences on your account page at any time.

What if my question isn't covered here?

All common questions are covered in the FAQ sections above. You can find quick answers to everything people ask. PLEASE REFER TO THEM FIRST.

If you have a different question, you can email We urge you to please check out all the FAQs before emailing us as most questions are already covered here. Allow at least 24 hours for a reply to your email.

Invalid Instruction/Can't Complete Task

If you are unable to complete a task for any reason, please let us know by sending an email to and be sure to include a screenshot or any info to help us identify the task and fix it.

Terms Of Service

Terms of Service

By signing up to Part Time Clicks and using this website, you agree to the following Terms Of Service.
  • You must be a United States resident
  • Only 1 account per household
  • Must have a valid mobile phone (we text you a verification code)
  • Must have a valid email address
  • You agree to complete tasks to the best of your ability, as directed by instructions
Any violation of our Terms of Service will result in your account being banned and any payment for completed tasks will be forfeited.